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The Nine Key Components Of A Press Release

by c50fu

The Nine Key Components Of A Press Release

Release Time-
The release time is found at the top left of a press release, and it indicates when the press release should be published. It usually says one of two things; either “For Immediate Release,” or “Embargoed Until [Date].” “Embargoed Until [Date]” means the press release isn’t to be published until the date listed.

The headline should state, in no uncertain terms, exactly what the text of the press release is about. It should be written to impart a sense of importance and urgency. Centered in the page, it is usually in bold lettering.

The summary is a brief synopsis of the content of the press release. It highlights the main points of the whole release, allowing the reader to get a good idea of what the story is about without having to read through the entire document. In online press release distribution, the summary is typically displayed in listings with the headline.

The dateline includes the date of the press release followed by the the town or city in which the news is taking place. For example, if the company is based in New York City, the dateline would include New York, NY, preceded by the date.

This is the full text (the “story”) of the press release. Usually, the first paragraph summarizes the 5 W’s of the story (who, what, where, when, and why), and is followed by quotations and any supporting facts, statistics, and details.

Boiler Plate-
The boiler plate is a paragraph that gives a general overview of the person, company, organization, product, or service that is the subject of the release. Usually, it follows a line that says “About”.

Call to Action-
This is a brief line following the boiler plate that usually starts with “For more information about the [company, product, or person being discussed in the press release] contact [PR Relations contact’s name, number, and email address].

Contact Details-
This section contains as much contact info related to the company, product, or person issuing the release as possible, including mailing address, email address, and telephone number.

At the very end of the release, let the publisher know that there is no further information by centering three hash marks (###) on the page.