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Tips For Crafting An Impactful Press Release

by c50fu

Tips For Crafting An Impactful Press Release

Compelling Headline-

Your headline should be pointed and provocative, and not merely a passive-sounding announcement. It should ask or answer a question, or make a declarative statement about something that would be interesting to a reader.

Powerful Summary-

Your summary should be a good, fact-filled briefing about what the entire body of the release contains. It is a sort of detailed, concentrated “coming attractions” component of the release.

Newsworthy Content-

The subject matter and content of the release should be more about breaking news than mere recital of information. It should be in the form of a short, exciting story, if this is at all possible. Your release should never be an advertisement.

“Go-To” Anchor Text Links-

Incorporate up to one in-text hyperlink to your website or webpage in the body of your release so that readers can simply click on that link and explore your website or webpage to either learn more, or to take advantage of what you are offering.

Authoritative Quotations-

Notable quotes from either company or organizational spokespersons or from other experts speaking about the company, organization, products, services, or ideas add real credibility and deeper reader engagement to your release.

Supporting Statistics-

Support the points made in your release with statistics. Readers are fascinated by statistics, which lend further credibility to your releases.

Solid Contact Information-

Give readers and media outlets multiple means of contacting you or your media relations representative to obtain further information about the subject matter of your press release.

The better your press release, the greater the number of media outlets that will pick it up and republish it for their readers. There is both art and science associated with the preparation of an exceptional press release, and to ensure the greatest return on your press release investment, you should have your release professionally prepared and formatted. CredibilityPR™ offers the Press Release PLUS™ package.