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Quick Summary

CredibilityPR™ offers you a choice of several straightforward plan packages, each featuring 100% deliverable results, fully guaranteed as provided in greater detail under the GUARANTEE section.

You can learn details about each of these different special types of campaigns by reading through the individual sections on the Services dropdown menu above. Each of our packages is specifically purposed for a different and special type of client need.

Note: If your time to read through these options is very limited and you would like to learn more immediately in a conversation with a fully-informed account executive, you can simply click here for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. We will answer your inquiry within 48 hours.

Our most widely requested seven packages are:

  • The PRESS RELEASE PLUS™ PACKAGE for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to issue a single, high-powered, professionally-written and widely-distributed press release that highlights a newsworthy achievement. CredibilityPR will help you to determine what would be best to announce, and the best positioning for that announcement. Our releases are seen by in excess of 60 million readers.
  • The REPUTATION REPAIR PLUS™ PACKAGE for individuals, businesses, and organizations in need of immediate and aggressive online reputation repair. This is especially effective in counteracting recently posted negative information that appears in search engine results.
  • The BACKLINKS PLUS™ PACKAGE for individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to build the authority, visibility, credibility and visitor magnetism of their websites. This is especially beneficial for increasing viable website visits and increasing the conversion ratio.
  • The STARTER ENDORSEMENT PACKAGE for individuals, smaller businesses, consultants, and professionals looking to harness the power of a third-party endorsement;
  • The LOCAL ENDORSEMENT PACKAGE for brick-and-mortar establishments, MBEs and WBEs looking to harness the power of a third-party endorsement;
  • The GENERAL ENDORSEMENT PACKAGE for larger, better-established and capitalized entities and organizations looking to harness the power of a third party endorsement; and
  • The ENTERPRISE ENDORSEMENT PACKAGE, which is our most comprehensive third-party endorsement plan, and which features the greatest guaranteed media distribution and the most recognizable referencing.

Once again, each of our packages, above, is fully covered by the CredibilityPRGUARANTEE.

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