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CredibilityPR™ offers you a choice of several excellent proven plans, each featuring 100% deliverable results, fully guaranteed as provided in greater detail under the GUARANTEE section. Some helpful information follows regarding the different packages by category.

A Note Regarding Reputation Repair:

The creation of a single positive online asset, such as an article which showcases you, your brand, or your organization in a favorable light, can be expected to have an impact on your online profile, but depending upon the quantity and nature of any negative information available online, the creation of more than a single positive online asset may be indicated to push down negative information off of the first page of search results. Notwithstanding, CredibilityPR guarantees that any positive online asset that it creates for a client will push negative information further down in search results. 

A Note Regarding Backlinks:

Domain Authority (DA) is a significant determinant of how potent a backlink will be in terms of its benefit to your website, with higher DAs being more generally desirable. Accumulating backlinks from lower DA referring websites will not necessarily equal the effect of a single higher DA link. Backlinks obtained through the efforts of CredibilityPR are guaranteed to remain live for no less than one year each.

A Note Regarding Press Releases:

The level of professionalism in a press release is a significant determinant of the number and caliber of news and informational media outlets which will “pick up” that release. Do-it-yourself press releases seldom receive the same reception and circulation (or actual readership) as those which have been properly crafted. Any press release that is written and distributed through the efforts of CredibilityPR is guaranteed an exposure level of at least 60 million subscribed readers.

A Note Regarding Endorsement Packages: 

Please note that not every prospective client applicant can be eligible for an endorsement in any of our endorsement packages. This may be true for a variety of reasons, some of which are difficult to know in advance. In a case where CredibilityPR™ is unable to secure an endorsement for you for any reason whatsoever, you will receive a full refund of all fees paid to CredibilityPR™ without offset or delay. Also, please note that the initial interview and evaluation (a $500.00 to $1,000.00 consultation value, and an important part of our process) will be at no cost to you whether or not CredibilityPR™ is able to secure an endorsement for you. 

The type of endorsements that are attainable and available to be issued to you will vary, depending upon the nature of your product, service, or idea, your greatest strengths and accomplishments, the level of service (which one of the four available CredibilityPR™ packages) that you select, and numerous other factors. Limitations are specified in the descriptions for each of the four CredibilityPR™ endorsement packages, but certain exceptions to these limitations may be possible at times, or in special situations. Should you have any questions about which specific limitations might relate to you, your company, or your organization, please contact us for clarification.


Supercharge the magnetism, credibility, authority, and visibility of your website by acquiring high-quality relevant inbound backlinks from substantial DA (Domain Authority) referring sites. A good network of backlinks can help you acquire an increased number of viable website visitors (e.g., greater traffic) and can dramatically improve your conversion rate. Whether your website is well-established with a long history of existence, or a recent arrival online with a brand-new domain, backlinks are essential to your success. Our backlinks service is unparalleled by any other provider. Every backlink is 100% guaranteed for a minimum life of one year.

The CredibilityPR™ Backlinks PLUS™ Package is priced at between $99.99 per individual backlink to $345.95 per individual backlink, with prices depending upon the requested DA of the referring domain. Please note that certain quantity discounts may apply for bulk purchases of backlinks.


Create immediate positive media buzz for yourself, your brand, or your organization with a professionally-written, edited, and widely distributed newsworthy press release. Your release will go out to our extensive network of in excess of 1.7 million highly-targeted journalists and social media influencers, which represent an aggregate readership base of in excess of 60 million readers. We will consult with you to develop and refine the concept for your release, after which we will title and draft it (subject to your approval), edit it, and distribute it within 48 hours of your acceptance of the edited copy. 

Our basic package includes full media penetration throughout the US, plus limited parallel distribution in other English-speaking countries. No press release service compares with what CredibilityPR™ offers. A press release is a great PR investment, but it should never be prepared without expert guidance, professional writing, and dependable distribution. With this package, we provide it all.

The CredibilityPRPress Release PLUS™ Package is priced at a one-time payment of only $799.99 (Special pricing may apply to select regional or other demographic targeting of your release, as you may require this).

Your release is guaranteed to be carried by at least one of the following major news and informational outlets, in addition to a whole host of other digital publication platforms: 



Immediately improve your online search profile and offset negative information about you, your brand, your organization or your offerings of products or services with this powerful credibility-boosting package. We create positive online informational assets (such as articles, blog posts, and the like) to push negative news further down in results to produce a cleaner, more positively-charged image and presentation, with a visible effect in as little as 60 days. 

Please note that while a single positive online informational asset will definitely reap a benefit, the actual number of assets which you may require in order to push negative information off of the first page of Google results will vary depending upon the number and nature of the items which need to be counteracted.

The CredibilityPRReputation Repair PLUS™ Package is priced at a one-time payment per positive online informational asset of only $499.99. This is a far better value proposition than that which is being offered by so many so-called “Reputation Management” companies, many of whom promise only nebulous results over an indefinite timeframe. Use our package once or as many times as you may require (in accordance with your budget and needs) in order to accomplish a credible, authoritative online profile.


This package is highly recommended for early-stage, developmental-stage, and entrepreneurial enterprises with limited PR experience and smaller budgets. It is also recommended for independent consultants and professionals wanting to bolster their authority as well as credibility. We have clients who have started out with this particular package, and have subsequently scaled their PR efforts to one of the more intensive packages, below.

The CredibilityPR Starter Endorsement Package is priced at a one-time payment of $999.99.

Publication of your endorsement is guaranteed to be carried by at least one of the following major news media outlets:


The CredibilityPR Local Endorsement Package is specifically geared to the needs of brick-and-mortar local businesses and retailers. It is also especially applicable and categorically useful for minority-owned businesses (MBEs) and women-owned businesses (WBEs), even if these businesses provide services or sell products beyond a local scope. There can be some very exciting specialized recognition endorsements for these types of businesses, and CredibilityPR can locate them and access them for you.

The Local Endorsement Package is priced at a one-time payment of $1,299.99.

Publication of your endorsement is guaranteed to be carried by at least one of the following major news media outlets:


This has been our most popular plan for a very wide diversity of clients by both objectives and types. These clients have included privately-held and publicly-traded companies (NASD- and NYSE-listed), corporate CEOs, social media influencers, and not-for-profit organizations, to name a few.

The CredibilityPR General Endorsement Package is priced at a one-time payment of $1,499.99.

Publication of your endorsement is guaranteed to be carried by at least two of the following major news media outlets:

[FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSN, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Morningstar, Marketwatch, BusinessInsider, Bloomberg]


This plan, with the broadest potential media reach, provides a powerful platform for launching your message and building your image.

The CredibilityPR Enterprise Endorsement Package is priced at a one-time payment of $1,699.99.

Publication of your endorsement is guaranteed to be carried by at least three of the following major news media outlets:

[FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSN, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Morningstar, Marketwatch, BusinessInsider, Bloomberg]

Visibility. Authority. Credibility.

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