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Bad press, even if it is completely unfounded or untrue, can leave an indelible negative on search engine results about you, your company, or your organization. It can damage sales of a perfectly good product or service, or can create doubts about even the most wonderful brands or ideas. These internet negatives do not disappear or even fade with the passage of time unless you take deliberate measures to  either counter them with your own version of the narrative (which can be an expensive, time-consuming, and somewhat speculative process), or “push” the negative results down and off of page one or two with one or more items of news or information which favor you. This latter approach is far less expensive and much faster to put into effect than trying to litigate or expunge negative entries. It can even serve as a stop-gap measure while you are waiting for legal or administrative measures to eliminate some of the more notorious and abusive items.

Receiving positive news, such as strong recommendations, endorsements, or reviews, especially from authoritative third parties, can go a long way toward damage control. This strategy is one of the principal areas in which CredibilityPR™ has developed a niche with its Reputation Repair PLUS™ package. 

Even if you have a generally favorable search engine profile, making good reputation management moves can enhance the way you appear online. Some of the key advantages of implementing an intelligently-conceived online reputation management strategy are summarized below:

  • It can actually increase your website visits, sales, subscriptions, memberships, and other profitable activity
  • It can help you to attract better employees, contractors, vendors, partners, and talent
  • It can benefit you in negotiations with banks, creditors, and prospective investors
  • It can build trust in your brand, your products, your services, and even ideas that you are promoting
  • It can help you to acquire market share from your competitors

Remember that your online credibility is highly magnetic, and will be a major determinant of your future growth and success.

Most people who review search engine results are only interested in the items that appear on the first page. A reputation management campaign using Reputation Repair PLUS™, especially in conjunction with one or more of the plans offered by CredibilityPR™,  is a proven and dependably effective means of pushing bad news, bad reviews, complaints, scam alerts, and other burdensome information off of page one of search engine results and relegating it to page two or even buried somewhere past page ten. And importantly, you can use Reputation Repair PLUS™ multiple times in order to continue to sharpen and augment your online search profile.

In a crisis situation, where someone has just aggressively attacked you or some aspect of your brand, product, service, company or organization and it has made the news, you need to act aggressively to offset and counterbalance that injurious negative information with overwhelmingly positive press.

To learn more about the features, benefits, and other details of our Reputation Repair PLUS™ package, click HERE.

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Negative articles, reports, or reviews will often leave an indelible blemish on your online reputation, with results that can be devastating for your personal or professional brand, business or organization. If people look you up (usually on Google, but sometimes on Bing and other search engines) and the first page of results contains some bad press, they will very often judge you severely, and rule you out as being “less than credible,” or “less than honorable,” without further consideration or explanation. They may arrive at this conclusion even if the negative press was factually wrong, or was issued in error. Since the process of eliminating negative online information is extremely slow, difficult, and very expensive, the optimal (realistic) method to repair your online reputation requires that positive, current information be published to counteract the negative press, and to push the troubling negative information further down in search results, off of the first page. The greater the quantity and authority of positive news postings, the further down that the negative information is pushed. Online reputation management requires constant vigilance in order to be truly effective and ultimately successful. CredibilityPR offers the Reputation Repair PLUS™ package to address a negative (or less than convincing) online profile.


Immediately improve your online search profile and offset negative information about you, your brand, your organization or your offerings of products or services with this powerful credibility-boosting package. We create positive online informational assets (such as articles, blog posts, and the like) to push negative news further down in results to produce a cleaner, more positively-charged image and presentation, with a visible effect in as little as 60 days. Please note that, while a single positive online informational asset will definitely reap a benefit, the total number of assets which you may need in order to push negative information off of the first page of Google results will vary depending upon the number and nature of the items of negative information which need to be counteracted.

The CredibilityPR Reputation Repair PLUS™ Package is priced at a one-time payment per positive online informational asset of only $499.99. This is a far better value proposition than that which is being offered by so many so-called “Reputation Management” companies, many of whom promise only nebulous results over an indefinite timeframe. Use our package once or as many times as you may require (in accordance with your budget and needs) in order to accomplish a credible, authoritative online profile.

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